[BUYING] A New Skin

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  1. I am willing to pay around 1000-2000 rupees (payment will be discussed) for a new skin.

    That snake there is your challenge. I am looking for a corn snake skin similar to that, only with a bit more menace (optional, though preferred) and obviously in a humanoid form. I do not want any "background areas" on my skin, I want the whole thing to be solid reptile. Only submit your best work, please! If you have any questions, ask! I can't wait to see any submissions!
  2. BUMP! Up to 3000 rupee reward now!
  3. The next time I have access to a computer I will work on it!
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  4. Bumping this thing.
  5. can I send it to you through text or email I make them on my phone, also what type of skin are you lookin' for?
  6. sorry didn't see the snake (I must be blind:p), but I still want to know the other questions
  7. should be ready in a few days
  8. update (if you care) only have the sides left, should be done by tomorrow
  9. I finished it and I'm emailing it to you now enjoy!
  10. I'll try and i mean look at my skin.this is my first ever
  11. I will look at it, but Maximus has already made a great skin, just to let you know.
  12. I can't beat that skin looks good
  13. thanks I'm glad you guys like it