[Buying] A lot of Lapis Blocks or Blue Dye

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  1. Server: SMP9
    Res#: 18038

    I need atleast 71 stacks and 1 half-stack of Lapis Blocks but I currently have only 5 stacks and some change.
    • Buying Lapis Blocks 50r each and Lazuli Lapis (Blue Dye) 5r each.
    • If you have a shop, leave a post with your server and your residence number.
  2. Added buying price for both Lapis Blocks and Blue Dye - Bump
  3. Dangggggg 71 stacks?!?? What are you making?
  4. at 18894 on smp9 i have 10 lapiz blocks for you and 3 extra qualing 515r according to your prices:)
  5. Specifically? Not sure... but that I currently want to three different layer set on my res. The Top being a moon/star which plan to make a multi-teleportation room. Beneath the constellation will be a floating chuck of land with an expose cave structure in within. Gound-level will resemble a ruin-like gateway to the floating land with water ( the Lapis will be below the water) and that's all I can think of for now...
  6. @Electrobomb Deal
  7. Still in dire need of Lapis Blocks or Blue Dye - Bump
  8. Lapis in stock at 811 on smp1
  9. Thanks
  10. Bump still in need of Lapis Blocks or Blue Dye
  11. I just put 43 Lapis blocks in a sell chest at 2646 SMP 1 (50r) each
  12. Restocked the Lapis at 811 :)