(Buying) a location with 2 or more spawners.

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  1. They must activate at the same time and i really don't want spiders. So if anyone has em let me know and how much you want for it. :)
  2. Double Zombie on SMP4 How much are you willing to pay?
  3. Well, i had 2 very close to each other, but unfortunately the spawning spots are about 8 blocks from each other + its a little griefed and i already sold it to somebody. I don't know if its allowed but i don't really think he goes to it much...
  4. If you look in my sig you can see that I can find one for you
  5. in that case ill take a 2 blaze for 11k
  6. Ehm, blaze will take a long, very long time to be 'delivered' because it is difficult to find them, but I will look
  7. take your time buddy
  8. kk
  9. I have a double zombie grinder and a single zombie with connect four enchanting and lighthouse for 20-30k.