[Buying] A duel blaze grinder!

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  1. I will pay a pretty penny if someone wants to sell me one :)
    It can be on any server... i prefer not on smp9 or smp5... if it is on one of those servers... i will pay a little less
  2. No one has a blaze grinder? ok :(
  3. Ill split with you if youre buying btw
    And i have 2 blaze spawners, just not a functional grinder :(
  4. Bump... plz someone!
  5. If you would like I can make a dual blaze grinder for you if I can have access to it. Pm me if your interested so were not of topic on this thread
  6. why dont you like smp 5?
  7. because the mob arena is on it :p, and i prefer to stay in town
  8. oh he said they were to far apart :(
  9. Just saying.. I love smp5 :p
  10. If someone has 2 spawners near each other i will still pay
  11. ok cool
  12. It's rare to be 2 spawners near each others
  13. Well i already have someone who is selling a duel blazer grinder to me
  14. Then you are lucky

    Edit: congrats on it :)