[BUYING] A Bunch of Items!

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  1. As some of you may know, my new mall is close to release, and these are just a few items I need to obtain before I'm able to open!
    If you're wanting to sell any of these items, please PM me for more details ;)

    Nature/Food Items
    • Two Stacks of Oak Saplings
    • Two Stacks of Dark Oak Saplings
    • Two Stacks of Dark Oak Leaves
    • 1.5 Stacks of Birch Saplings
    • One Stack of Jungle Saplings
    • Two Stacks of Jungle Leaves
    • 1 Stack of Lily Pads
    • 3 Stacks of Vines
    • 20 Cakes
    • 1 Stack of Hay Blocks
    • 4 stacks of Raw Pork
    • 4 Stacks of Raw Chicken
    • 4 Stacks of Podzol
    Wools and Dyes

    • 4 Stacks of
      • Black Wool
      • Brown Wool
      • Silver Wool
      • Green Wool
      • Lime Wool
      • Yellow Wool
      • Orange Wool
      • Red Wool
      • Purple Wool
    • 8 Stacks of White Wool
    Check "/v 18800" for wool shearing

    • 1 Stack of
      • Grey Dye
      • Silver Dye
      • Green Dye
      • Lime Dye
      • Orange Dye
      • Pink Dye
      • Purple Dye
      • Cyan Dye
      • Light Blue Dye
    Redstone and Redstone Products

    • 32 Gold Pressure Plates
    • 20 Redstone Comparators
    • 10 Jukeboxes
    • One Stack of Note Bocks
    • 10 Daylight Detectors
    Building Blocks

    • Single Chest of Quartz Flakes
    • Single Chest of Glass
    • One Stack of Mossy Stone
    • One Stack of Mossy Cobblestone
    • One Stack of Cracked Stone
    • Two Stacks of Obsidian
    • Two Stacks of Brick
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  2. I have got a lot of Oak Logs, Birch Logs, and stuff like that in an abundance. The only Wood I don't have is Dark Oak. (I've got every other types of leaves too.)
  3. Sorry, I'm not looking for logs of any sort, I'm looking for saplings and leaves though. :)
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  4. Alright, I had meant that I had a lot of Tree supplies. Such as leaves, logs, and saplings.
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  5. Alright :) Please PM me for more details