[Buying] A bunch of brick blocks

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  1. I need brick blocks and A LOT! Let me know how much you have and where. I might be for my *cough*secret*cough* project at *cough*5244*cough*
  2. Secret, huh? :cool:
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  3. As secret as can be ;)
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  4. :D
  5. I still need brick blocks though.
  6. I have a double chest full
  7. And what is your definetion of Alot Bob? If I try to supply you, are we talking some stacks or some chests?
  8. i think chests
  9. I will need round 2-5 double chests of brick blocks. To make myself clear I need these: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Bricks
  10. Ok, I'm out, Tinkerbell would kill me if I came off my bricks lol. Sorry señor Roberto el Tomate
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  11. Darn, how many would you be willing to sell me?
  12. :D
  13. I may be able to get your tomato-y hands on some tomato-y coloured bricks...
  14. Really? How much? How many?
  15. 3 Double Chest In Stock At My Mall
    1111 Faith Inc. Mall
  16. I'll go have a look-sy around my chests!
  17. I still need brick blocks people!
    Here is a project update picture:
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