[Buying] A big amount of items!

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  1. Greetings EMCians!

    I'm looking to buy the following:

    Cobblestone 2DC
    Glass 1DC
    Stone Bricks 1DC
    Stone Slabs 1C
    Stone Stairs 1C

    Sandstone Stairs 1C
    Sandstone 2DC

    White is still needed :D

    Please tell me what you can supply and what the price will be, I'd like to have it delivered at /v 207

  2. I do have one double chest of sandstone... Just offer me a price...
  3. I can get you all the stone stuff for the right price
  4. 15,000r?

    30,000r sound good?
  5. yeah sounds good
  6. I'll put up the access chests at /v 207.

    You're delivering all this:
    Stone Bricks 1DC
    Stone Slabs 1C
    Stone Stairs 1C
    Cobblestone 2DC

  7. do oyou want stone brick stairs?
  8. It are cobble stairs :)
  9. correct
  10. sounds good :)
  11. Yeah...
  12. access chests have been set up
  13. I have the glass... what price are you thinking?
  14. 5k
  15. Soo, do you want the sandstone?
  16. i need access for stone bricks
  17. Looking for the last items :D
  18. Is it 1 more Dc of sandstone missing? Got a bit lost in count with all the posts. If so, I have a dc of sandstone.
  19. how much for all the sandstone goods?
  20. 30,ooor

    Still 2 missing, but it would seem that havioxs has it covered :)