[BUYING] 960 Slimeballs

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  1. Big project, Lots of slime balls.

    Post offers for that amount.
  2. I got around 8-10 stacks of that

    35r each ball? xD Say some price more reasonable.
  3. I have 11 stacks of slimeballs that you need. If you are interested, there is a buy chest at smp3, 7259 for all of them for 7k :)
  4. what about 961? :D
  5. I've got them. Name a reasonable price and they are yours.
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  6. I will post back here in a couple of hours when my friend get's online, were both buying these for a dual project, He'll be the one paying for them, so.
  7. Not that it will change anything, but these are slimeballs I collected back when a slime chunk really meant something. Not ones harvested from those cheap nuisances that get in our way all the time now in Swamps.
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