[buying] 80k Member Items

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  1. I'm willing to pay a lot of money or promos for 80k member leggings and 80k boots. If anyone can refer me to an owner of either it would be much appreciated. If anyone owns any variant of the 80k armor or purple people party items please PM me if you wish to sell. :)
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  2. what items are these exactly? I don't recall there being 80k promos, only 60k members.
  3. Well, the thing is, they are not promos, but actually special event items given out at the Purple People Party not so long ago. Here is a list of all the items given out at the party, including the armour: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/80k-member-drop-party/
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  4. Bump. Really in need of the boots and pants :p
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  5. I have one purple people party paper, how much are you willing to buy it for?
  6. Last bump, if anyone has anything from the 80k drop party I will always be buying. :)