[Buying] 80 Stacks of Emeralds at 18394

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  1. I'm buying stacks of Emeralds at 18394 on SMP9 for 1250r per stack. I'm buying a total of 80 stacks of emeralds at 18394. Two DC's have been set up and will remain open until I get what I need. Any feed back is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,
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  2. 18r each... come on man don't rip people off...
  3. seriously? You think they are worth more? :) Hang around and watch them plummet in price.

    I might farm a few for you until i get bored lol. Can use the cash.
  4. I'm just saying, if anything, emeralds will go up because infinite villagers will not exist after 1.8. Until then, they MIGHT, drop a little. ;)
  5. 1.8 is a fair while away though. :)
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  6. I don't know where you did the math at, but a normal calculation would put the emeralds at 19.5r each. Which seems like a fair price considering infinite villagers are around. Also I'm not "ripping" people off. They're free to sell to me or not sell to me.
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  7. Thank you NZScruffy for selling me those Emeralds!
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  8. Emeralds sell for around 24 - 26r
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  9. I have never bought an emerald over 20r, I have always bought them for 15-20r, Hearts buys for 18r, this is higher than the 17.5r which is midway in the prices I have seen. 25r is starting to get more common, but I have never myself paid over 20r.
    You can sell to him or not. This is a fair enough price, especially with the infinite villagers around these days also. Just do not say it is ripping people off as it is not. We have our opinions, but this not being a fact should not affect Hearts ;)
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  10. I don't care what anyone else sets the price of Emeralds at. I do my own calculation based on availability and the time cost in obtaining, to get a price I believe is worth it for me to buy or sell.

    For those wondering how I come by that calculation, here it is:

    Given I have my own sugarcane farm, conveniently fed into multiple chest storage, situated directly near my 2 infinite villagers. I am able to get exactly 1.5 stacks of emeralds from an inventory load (63 stacks) of sugarcane, comfortably in 3.5 mins.
    And 1.5 stacks of emeralds at 18r each is 1728 rupees.
    Over 1 hour that would make me 30k and cost me 70k sugarcane (which I sell for 135r/SC = ~5500 rupees)
    So a total profit outside what I might otherwise make = 30-5.5 = 24.5k an hour (plus time for sugarcane to stock up).

    I encourage you to show me a faster way to make money.

    EDIT: IMO, I'm the one ripping people off.
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  11. I liked your math NZScruffy. That's why it's hard for me to determine good prices to sell/buy emeralds ever because all it takes is some cheap materials, a villager and some time to easily make a bunch of emeralds. Emeralds are very cheap done that way. I appreciate you doing the math and also selling me the emeralds you did.
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  12. where did you do your math :confused:
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  13. they sell for about 18-19 rupees per in most shops :)
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