[Buying] 8 Jungle Saplings For 40r

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about something! So, I really need 8 Jungle Saplings! I'll buy them for 40r. Thanks EMC!

  2. Could you not just buy it from any mall :p

    Todd_Vinton on SMP1
    Shavingfoam on SMP5
    Allengero on SMP9
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  3. oh wow.

    EDIT: Thanks!
  4. Really? Because it seems like a bump.
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  5. Why did you do this thread? You can just buy it from a mall and I am sure you know a lot of malls on EMC.
  6. I can give ya some for free
  7. thanks :)
  8. I sell them for 40r per. You can sometimes find them in the mid 20s, but never less than that at a "mall".
    If you get 4 you can grow them into a giant tree and carefully start farming saplings. Just don't plant the single size jungle because you won't always get enough saplings back to keep going.