[BUYING] 7 Double Chests of Glass Panes.

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  1. I am currently working on my second mega-mall, and my first one on smp1. Platt16 and I have been working our butts off for about two days now and we are currently in need of tons of glass. This mall will end at the building limit, meaning we will need way too much glass. I am buying the 7 dchests of panes for 50r per stack because I am buying so much at one time. If you have over a single chest of panes that you would like to sell or donate to res 2345, then please leave a reply below.

  2. I'll do this for you, no need for others. Hold my beer.

    EDIT: 35 stacks of sand, let me smelt.
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  3. I will do 2 DC's for you. I would love to do this fori need money. Thanks.
  4. You can get all 7 dcs mark?
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  5. Sure, I've got 27 stacks of sand smelting right now. Will you set up chests at your res? It will be at least 1-2 days.
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  6. Yeah later today I'll set up all 7 dcs at res 2345 on smp1. and does 40r per stack work? I have a limited budget
  7. Well... That's not what I espected, would 45 work?
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  8. I'm about to get on.
  9. With less than 3DC sand you can make all 7 DC, lazy much cole :p
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  10. It will be ready tomorrow or the day after, not now...
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  11. ok well I don't need the panes anymore but ill still buy a few dcs from you
  12. That's not really nice, first you said, that you would buy 7 double chests for 50r a stack, I thought that was a nice price and I got to work. Later you said you wanted to drop the price, a lot. And now you dont even need anything anymore? I used all of my glass and sand for you.
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