[Buying] 64 Starter Bread

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by ThaKloned, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. I'm looking to buy a stack (64) of the bread you get as a starter. Please reply here or in PM with cost.
  2. I think I have some, ill be onlin in a hour or two, I will mail it to you for free
  3. Oh wow. Thanks very much. :D
  4. Hope they Not worth Like tons but ill send them in a sec :p If I got Some
  5. I don't think they are lol They might be worthless, I just wanted them to finish the starter set I have. I used all mine when I joined :p
  6. Managed to get 59 of these. Only need 5 more if someone has. I can even trade 26 torches (soulbound) for them or buy.
  7. Well I found out is regular bread, so does it matter :p