[Buying] 60k Members Items

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  1. Looking to buy the following Items!

    Everything from the 60k members items (armour and tools) excluding the Big Daddy Helmet and the Feather Fallllling Boots. I am not looking for ore busters either.

    Please PM me if you are looking to sell any of these items :)

    Thank you!
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  2. Flaming mob launcher just acquired! Still looking for other pieces :)
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  3. You likely already know this but I think AlexChance (4005) still has a few of the items that you don't have, might be worth checking there :)
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  4. Bump!
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  5. I'm starting to think that no one has the chestpiece anymore. I see a ton of collections that have the chest missing.
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  6. Yeah, the bulletproof vest is the only one I need :/
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  7. I actually got my Vests fine, but I had a little more trouble getting the Pants... I think that more people bought the tools than the armour when the promo came out, so as most of it has all been gathered by collectors now, you're right in saying that items like this are much harder to find :eek:
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  8. Fills me with hope FD! :/
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  9. Well, I say it how it is :p Best bets are checking 4005 for stock, but also keep watching the products threads, I think that deathconn and MasterDelirus had a piece or two for sale too, they pop up from time to time... Good luck on the hunt :p
  10. Thanks FD. The hunt must continue!
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  11. Yet again, BUMP! Sell me your 60k members items ladies and gents!
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  12. How much are you paying for each ore buster, each other tool, and each armor piece? May as well state your price as it's only a few items, plus it'll attract more potential sellers :)
  13. Restarting this up. Still looking for all items mentioned and now willing to pay next to any price for them :)
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  14. Well alex still sells them I believe
  15. Checked his res and can't see anything?
  16. /v 4005, go to the teleport in font of you to go to the special items for sale floor, there's some 60k member items for sale there but not all of them are in stock at the minute
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  17. I've been going to the res and somehow missing the whole section! Thanks for the heads up guys :D