[BUYING] 6 dbl. chests of Book and Quill.

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  1. So, i did some digging and the price should be around 20-25r each as far as i can get it on SMP1.

    But noone wants to sell me 6 dbl. chests (i wonder why? :rolleyes:)

    Anyways, ill pay 3780r each 2x dbl. chest - thats 35r each book of quill.

    I need them in the next 5 hours - thats the reason for overpay.

    Have fun.
  2. Why? Massive emerald order?
  3. Emerald?

    Ohh, villager trading? no :D

    We are soon to open up the SMP1 Casino, and we need the books for currency/giftcards and chips.
  4. I suspected it was a bookstore.
  5. Trust me, the day i wake up thinking "Today i wanna write 324 books" I will take myself by the neck, put me outside my house and put a bullet in my head.
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  6. It's easier work then you think, I found a way to copy & paste.
  7. I may be able to put together a double chest, if you still need them.
  8. I was desperate yesterday, so i did the /shop for most items.

    We will however need books pretty soon again, so be prepared..
  9. Hehe you spelt bump wrong :)
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  10. EPIC ^Bumping FAIL!