BUYING: 50k worth of diamonds

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  1. im looking to buy 50,000 r worth of diamonds at 65 r a piece .
    thats 768 diamonds
    which is 12 stacks
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  2. No one sells diamonds in bulk for 65r each. try 70r each or maybe even 72r each.
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  3. Also, if you vote, you'll get a decent amount of diamonds.
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  4. well if i can get some for 70r a peice i ll buy that
  5. I have 90 that I would be willing to sell you at 70r. So a total of 6.3k. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. I will be on later , I will pm u when u get on
  7. m4nic_miner usually has a few dc of diamonds
  8. 19 stacks of diamond gems for sale at 70r @ /v 1112 blue.
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  9. i got 5 stacks
  10. I'll for 70 r each Diamond , I'll pm u as well
  11. I'll stop by
  12. Does anyone else remember when Diamonds were 45r?
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  13. yep - and before they were that low - I remember them being 89r :3
  14. when i joined they were 63-64 r
  15. I remember that .... Iv been here for over 800 days
  16. i might have 12 stacks
  17. Nearly 950 days strong! :D
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