[ Buying ] 5 dungeons within 40 blocks of each other

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  1. whoever finds me 5 dungeons (any kind) within 40 blocks of each other, (non-touched) will receive 10,000 rupees in their pocket. I want the following thing's
    • Private conversation with coordinate's
    • non-light up, or even looted dungeons
    First to find it and start the convo will get the money, if you find one right after one has already been found I may still pay you for it.

    EDIT: 20 blocks
  2. Thats almost inpossible!
  3. Someone is wanting to make a good grinder, eh? Try to find a double blaze or just a single one. They give the highest exp in the game if I remember correctly(Besides the ender dragon). A single blaze is better than a double cave spider even.
  4. Thats WAY underpriced. I would charge like, 50-100k, at LEAST. Since our just adding up the value of a spawner. But you are forgeting the odds of finding them that close.
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  5. Wait! Zombie your from norway?
  6. Trollolo!
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  7. PLease tell!
  8. You obviously want a 5x. That is worth so much more than 10k.
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  9. I got that by now, im paying 50k
  10. super trololo!!
  11. all mobs EXCEPT Blaze give 5 xp. Blaze give 10xp. BUT, Enderfarms work well that they're better than anything, because the output is so fast.
  12. For 10k you'll only get single blaze grinder if you're lucky.
  13. I think I got that by now
  14. I got a 5x spider in range
  15. Worth more than 50k..
    You can get a 4x for 50k.
  16. ok pm me
  17. But I want 75 to 80 thousand
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  18. I was excluding endermen for one simple reason. This isn't singleplayer. And there's a 70% chance your enderfarm would be griefed/found by others. Everytime you'll be like "Hm, I wanna farm some endermen" and you get there, there's like 3 people trying to even just figure out how to operate it, thus accidentally destroying something important...
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  19. 40 blocks is too far, fyi. 30 blocks maximum is required.
  20. If it is 40 blocks I could sell u a 6x then lol