[BUYING] 4 DC's of Sandstone and 12 Stacks of Glowstone

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  1. Hey, I'm in need of 3 double chests full of any type of sandstone, it doesn't all have to be one kind, as long as it's 3 double chests. I'll buy them by the double chest/single chest if that's all you have.

    I also need 8 stacks of glowstone, and I'll buy them by the stack, or just all 8 stacks if you have them. :)

    Thanks, Piggeh.
  2. I'll buy sandstone 5,500 rupees a double chest, and glowstone 900 rupees a stack.

    Edit: Also, I only need 3 DC's of Sandstone, and 8 stacks of Glowstone. :)
  3. What is this for, my bacon-coated friend?
  4. My four residences that I just happened to get in a square. ;)
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  5. Alright, now I just need 8 stacks of glowstone. :)
  6. how much would you pay for the 8 stacks of glowstone?
  7. 900 rupees a stack, so 7,200 rupees.
  8. ok im on right now and can agree to that price
  9. Sorry, I already bought some.
  10. Apcmagician sells sandstone on smp2, not sure of the res though
  11. I've purchased everything needed. Thanks guys. :)