[ BUYING ] 4 DC's of Quartz Flakes

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  1. I'm not sure what the price for quartz is now so please comment below a reasonable price :D
  2. Quartz flakes range from 4 - 8 rupees
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  3. if you are still needing i can sell
  4. All 4 DC's, what price were you thinking?
  5. 4 DC's of flakes is equal to 1 DC of blocks, 1 DC of Quartz blocks usually go for 50k and above.
  6. Quartz is more valuable than Quartz blocks IMO.

    Quartz I'd happily pay 4r per for as many as I can get. 14k per DC.

    Though I've seen them sold easily for 5-6r per, making a DC of Quartz worth 17 - 20k
  7. I can sell you 3 DC of flakes for 20k per dc. Let me know when you're interested :)