[ Buying ] 4 DC's of bones

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by deathconn, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. I need 4 1 DC of bones for a project. PM me and name your price :)
  2. New wood farm?
  3. Secret :p
  4. You need a new sig :U
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  5. how much do you want to pay and ill see what i can do
  6. I do not know prices very well anymore, please just throw a number out there
  7. Bump, need 1 more DC
  8. Gimmi 1 to 7 days :3
  9. \o3o/
  10. I've got a double chest of bones for you. It's not a complete double chest, I'm missing between 16 and 64 bones. I'll set up the chest soon if you want it.
  11. How much do I pay?
  12. oh ok... you dont like my bones ,ehh?! >:U
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  13. I'll buy yours too ;)
  14. Name a price, I don't really need many rupees.
  15. I'm trying to save some rupees for my shop, how about 1.5k?