[Buying] 4 DCs Jungle Leaves and 1 DC Jungle Logs

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  1. I'm looking to buy 4 DCs of Jungle leaves and 1 DC of Jungle Logs. I'm willing to pay 4k r per DC, for a total of 20k r for all 5DCs (16k for all 4 leaves DCs and 4k for the log DC).

    Leave a message below if you want to offer all or some of the requested materials (the smallest increment must be in DCs). You may offer at a higher or lower price, but I reserve the right to decline offers with too high a cost.

    I am willing to pay up to 20% up front upon request.

    If I accept your offer and you need shears, let me know, and I'll send up to 15 shears per promised DC of leaves via ingame mail (or you can request I leave an access chest at my res) at no extra cost. If I provide shears and you cancel, for whatever reason, I would like them back, or a rupee compensation of 30r per 1 shears provided. If I provide shears and I cancel, for whatever reason, you may keep them.

    If you need axes for the logs request, I'll provide up to 14 iron axes, at request, under the same conditions as the shears, except the rupee compensation for canceling is raised to 50r per axe.