[BUYING] 3 Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Shovels

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Is This Too Low Of A Price?

Nah Not Really :3 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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If Anything Your Getting Ripped Of HJ! 2 vote(s) 100.0%
  1. Hey Everyone! My Price Range For These Shovels Is 2000-4000k Each. I Can Buy One Of You, And Two Of Another, If One Person Cannot Sell Me All 3. Thanks! For Anyone That's Wondering, I Am Digging Out Large Amounts Of Dirt On My Farm Residence :)
  2. Dang - My last unbreaking 4 , efficiency 3 shovel just broke :/
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  3. Haha, That Sucks :3
  4. Bump! Need These Shovels!
  5. i got 3x unbreaking 3, fortune 3, eff 4 shovels intrested 2k each btw
  6. Where Would One Buy These Shovels? If You Set Up An Access Chest On Your Res I Will Pay You When I Go On Today :)
  7. I have muliple of these at 10029 on smp5 ready to sell
  8. Oh Okay :) Ill Check It Out When I Get Hone :D
  9. Thanks RunningRhino, Thread Can Be Closed :)