[Buying] 3 DCs of glass

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  1. I'm buying 3 DCs of glass for my project. Looking to pay roughly 2.9k per DC. Start a conversation with me if you are interested :)
  2. I will gladly help you get the glass! I am working on getting the DC right now. :)
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  3. Thanks so much :)
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  4. Panda sold me a DC so to those of you that may be gathering glass to sell, I only need 2 DC now! :)
  5. Will visit in a few minutes :)

    EDIT: Still buying 2 more DCs!
  6. Still need 2 more DCs of glass! Easy way to earn some quick bonus cash :)

    *40 minutes early but I won't be able to bump when 6 hours are up so sorry*
  7. Still buying!