Buying: 2 Looting III books and 2 Fireaspect II and 2 Knockback II

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  1. Title says it all pretty much, I am looking to buy 2 Looting 3 books, 2 Fireaspect 2 books, and 2 Knockback 2 books. I will pay:
    3000r per Looting 3
    2000r per Fireaspect 2
    2000r per Knckback 2
  2. 3085 Sells Both Looting III and Fire Aspect II on SMP2 if Interested :)
  3. Thanks for the info july!
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  4. Umm I have a villager that wants 21 emeralds for a looting 3 book...ill do it for 25 emeralds
  5. No thanks, got all I needed a while ago, and even if, WAY to expensive xD
  6. 25X30=750R that's pretty cheap if you ask me