[BUYING] 19 Stacks of Sticky Pistons

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  1. Im buying 19 stacks of sticky pistons. Im willing to pay 54k.
  2. You'll probably be looking more around the 100k mark than the 50k mark because most slimeballs cost around 80r.
  3. Done, ill sell 19 stacks to you.
  4. I feel bad for you son...
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  5. Sticky pistons are worth about 65r so it should be around 79k for all of them
  6. Doesnt matter now :D I sold him what he needed..

    There is more to this world then money, there will be plenty of time to think about value with the new shopsystem - for now i say we just have fun!
  7. Meh, on smp6 80r is a good price for slimeballs. Its like the going rate.
  8. Well with the public slime farm, slime balls have gone way down.
  9. On smp4, the price is downrocketing.
  10. Ok Set me up a chest on your res an 54k will soon be in your pocket. What smp are you on?
  11. on SMP1, ill rather deliver them to you..

    If i set up the chest others will buy them :D (Im at your res now with em on SMP8)