[BUYING] ~158 stacks of Obsidian or parts of it!

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  1. Hey hey,

    I'm in dire need of about 158 stacks of obsidian. If ya'll can PM me offers for the total order. I need it quick! So if you're inactive, don't PM me.

    If you can offer me any largeish amount of obsidian, then PM me as well! I'll happily buy smaller chunks of the total needed.

    If you have any questions or whatever, just post below :). Oh and I don't have a set price, so just gimme one in your PM to me.

    Thankies <3
  2. I remember farming 1/2 a DC of obsidian... Oh the pain. I can only imagine 158 stacks. Good luck :p
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  3. Why do you think I'm buying it :p
  4. Order update! Only need 148 stacks now.
  5. Order update! Only need 138 stacks now.