[BUYING] 137+ Speed Horses

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  1. I've been breeding horses for a very long time now, and since my horse shop is nearly up and running, I'd like to invest in a high stat breeder of 137+ (Currently my highest is a 135 speed). I know that not many people have these horses, and that those who do aren't usually very keen to depart with them, but this is probably the easiest way to find one.
    I'm looking to buy a horse with 137 speed (higher speeds are welcome also). I am fully aware that these horses are extremely rare, and I am willing to pay a lot. Methods of payment can include rupees, promos from this list, other 130+ speed horses (ranging from 130 to 134), or a combination of any of these.
    Please PM me, post below, or find me in game if you have any 137+s, and we can figure out a price :)
    Thanks so much,

    Also, 130-139.99 speed are allowed in EMC, as long as they don't exceed 140. I have asked staff, and they agreed. (Last time I made a thread asking to buy 130+s, I received quite a lot of posts from players, saying they weren't allowed - so I decided to add this in to avoid confusion).
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  2. How do you find out the stats of a horse?
  3. Eggify them and look at the tool tip or use the horse mod (I think).
  4. You can also press /horse while riding :) or if it is in the stable you can use the command /stable to see the stats of the horses in there :)
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  5. Why may they not be 140%+?
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  6. Aikar determined it is not possible to get horses this fast legitimately.
  7. Can you find horses that fast in the wild, or are they only obtained by breeding?
  8. The majority of 137+s were found in the wild when horses first came out, but it is possible to get them via breeding (e.g. breeding two 138+s)
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    I'm going on a 5 day camp, so if anyone contacts me, I'll get back to you when I'm home.
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    If you know anyone else who owns/sells them, please let me know - any help is greatly appreciated.