[BUYING] 136 speed horse

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  1. let me start this off with PLEASE DONT COMMENT "do you know how much those cost?" yes, i am aware of the price and if i cant make you happy with my offer i have 10 mineral mincers alongsidfe other promos i am willing to use to pay

    thats basically it, i dont care much for the other stats, however, it would be better if it didnt have 19 hp
    and the jump should be half decent. If the horse does however have trash health and jump, ill still buy it but for slightly less.


    EDIT: Just asked around the price swiching to a 135 :)

    EDIT EDIT: ok fine.. a 134

    EDIT EDIT EDIT: Maybe i can affor a 135 hmm.. go ahead and gimmie prices i heard some do it for 800k i can afford that (half in promos)
  2. how much are you offering fro a 134?
  3. i got a 134! thx :D
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  4. i got this 134 but im sdtill looking for a 135 anyine who has nit over the top prices for me hit me up with a pm :)