[ Buying ] 135 Speed Horse!!!

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  1. Hey emc,

    Im looking for two 135 speed horses. It can be any color any any speed percentage. Im willing to pay 600k+ per horse depending on stats. Thanks! :)

    Edit: if you're not looking to sell your 135, could you at least reply to let me know that you have one
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  2. I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for? "Im looking for two 135 speed horses, it can be any colour and any speed perecntage."
  3. meaning 135.00. The red numbers don't matter.
  4. Bump! Still willing to pay 650k and above for one!!
  5. Not looking to sell but I do have a 135.14, white none horse
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  6. Bump!!! Willing to pay 700k+