[BUYING] 131+ Speed Horses

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  1. The owners of the shop I usually buy 130+ horses from have been banned, just before I was going to buy a few :(
    I am very willing to pay quite a lot of money for 131-139 speed horses (as long as it's reasonable).
    Let me know if you have any 131 and above horses, or if you know where to buy them :D
  2. There's a good reason for that, considering that horses with a speed over 130 are illegal, as it is taking advantage of a bug that was on EMC for a short time.
    Doesn't matter anyway, glitched horses no longer work. Their speed is not equivalent to what is shown.
  3. Yes they are. 130 to 140 is legal. 140 and above is the glitch
  4. That was not the reason they were banned for. 130+ Speed is legal, however, any speed above 140 is against the rules. (Some of the staff even own 130+ speeds).
  5. I thought the only fastest horse for EMC was Intuclus ( Correct me for my spelling ).

    If a horse was like 1 or 2 points over, it was alright. But anything far over that was illegal.
  6. No, horses up to 139 are legal, due to the off-chance that 130s produced one. Anything over 140 are "glitch horses", and are against the rules.
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  7. I've found a great place to buy 130+s, but if anyone else also sells them, feel free to let me know! :D