[BUYING] 120+ horses & 130+ horses

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  1. Like the title says I'm looking for both 120+ and 130+ speed horses. looking to purchase at least two of each depending on supply.

    Veteran breeders I would really appreciate your help!
  2. Can you post some prices of what you would prefer to pay for the individual speeds?
  3. It would be hard to say without hard stats on the horse :p For example, a 131 horse is far less expensive than a 138.

    I will pay a fair market price, and have no intention of low balling. If you have some in supply I will take a look, and make you an offer.
  4. I have plenty of 120-129 horses for sale, but I also have a few 130+s.
    I have two 130s and one 131 for sale, all of them have decent jump and HP (70+ jump, 20+ HP)
    Let me know if you're interested, and we can discuss the details either in-game or in pm (I'm on EMC at the moment, so come find me if you want)
  5. Also talk to Rainbowpony1000 as well. She has loads
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