[Buying] 100k worth of Diamond Ore

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm looking to buy 100k worth of diamond ore. Since im buying in bulk I was hoping whoever sold to me could sell them for around 130r-150r a block. Please post in thread if you can supply.

  2. Please only bump threads 6 hours after the last post. ;)
  3. Actually, the bump rule for this thread is double that of auctions. Its 6 hours
  4. I thought that too - but after asking bitemenow15 a few days ago, he said that it is 3 hours but on non-auction threads it is less enforced (the 3 hours bump rule), however the rule is still there. I would like to see clarification on this, because it seems to go 6, 3, 6..
  5. Not to trash your thread or anything but I don't think that even in bulk anyone would sell that cheap.. It'd be at least 170 per or so.
  6. In the basic rules for everything section:"
    only bump after 6 hours has passed since your last."
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  7. Yeah, but sometimes moderators say things that are not in sync with the written rules, and then it can be quite difficult to decide who to believe.
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  8. When in doubt follow what the written rules say, and get advice on it from a higher level of staff, sr staff, admin ect.
  9. Don't "bump" (posting to push your thread to the top) threads uneccesarily. Saying "price dropped" or "no longer selling this item" is fine, but consider following the same auction rules (except doubled) and only bump after 6 hours has passed since your last.
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  10. I knew it was 6 hours but what I just realized is that its 6hours from "your" last post.
    Auctions being 3hours from "the" last post.

    Let's get this Diamond Ore discussion back on track now. :D
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  11. What is most ironic is that all your discussion has caused this thread to be bumped. Thank you everyone:)
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