[ BUYING ] 100k items

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  1. Hey forums people!

    The name of the thread is pretty self explanatory, I'm looking to buy your extra 100k promotional items.

    I'm looking to buy the following quantities of these items, and I will pay the following prices for them:

    43x Scooooba Mask - 28.5k
    4x Potato Plate - 29k
    42x Bionic Pants - 28.5k
    43x Bubble Boots - 28.5k
    1410x Mineral Mincer - 32.5k
    31x Chicken Skewer - 30k
    2x Sharpshooter Bow - 15k
    21x Shear Madness - 12.5k

    Just head to 12257 if you're interested in selling any of the above items.

  2. Are these prices each?
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  3. Yes.
  4. I will be out of prison at 2:30. I'll see you then where I got an almost full set waiting for you.
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  5. Great :)
  6. ill sell u some pants, anyway u can do 20k for sharpshooter?
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  7. I'll contact you in-game.
  8. I am in-game right now on smp8 :)
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  9. I'll sell you the three potato plate
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  10. Payed the 87k for the plates and 150 for you to mail them if it's not too much trouble. Thanks!
  11. Okay I'll mail this evening.
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  12. Bump! Tons of items still needed :)
  13. I mailed 3 mincers also you can pay when you like
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  14. Still buying chicken skewer? i have one i could sell you for 30k.

    Will mail it to you once i receive payment :)
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  15. Yep, still buying. Payed. Thanks!
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  16. I've mailed it. Thanks :)
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  17. I will sell you a chicken skewer if you are interested...
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