[Buying] 100 stacks of black and yellow wool. 100r per stack

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  1. Title says it all. I need 100 stacks (just under 4 chests) of black wool, and the same amount of yellow wool. I'll pay 100r per stack. Contact me to sell, or sell at my sell chests at 201 on smp1.

  2. When i get home, ill look into what I have
  3. UPDATE: VividOptimism has black sheep on his Utopia res (5210) and is nice enough to let everyone shear them. Want to make some money? Shear his sheep and sell the wool to me!
  4. Hey when is the big time lapse?
  5. At mommydaycare there is sheep that are black!
    Don't no the res number
  6. my time lapse isn't gonna happen jeanz :p sorry.