[BUYING] 1 Set of God Armor, 1 God Sword, 1 God Bow

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  1. Hey! I'm looking for a set of god armor, a god sword, and a god bow.

    Must be DIAMOND.

    God Helmet (Unb III, Protection IV, Respiration III, Aqua Affinity I, Thorns III)
    God Chestplate (Unb III, Protection IV, Thorns III)
    God Leggings (Unb III, Protection IV, Thorns III)
    God Boots (Unb III, Protection IV, Thorns III, Feather Falling IV)

    God Sword (Unb III, Sharp V, Knockback II, Looting III, Fire Aspect II)
    God Bow (Infinity I, Unb III, Flame I, Punch II, Power V)

    If anyone has any offers, please post them below.
  2. I can craft you a god bow with custom name for 10k. It will have flame II :)
  3. Thanks, but no thanks. I already purchased a god bow with flame II for 9k.

    If anyone has god armor or the sword, please let me know.
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  4. Sent you a PM! Selling a God Sword, let me know if you're still in the hunt for one :)
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