[BUYING] 1 or 2 DC of Bones

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  1. Hello Everyone of the Empire!

    I'm seeking to buy 1 or 2 DC of Bones, simply to restock my shop. Killing skeletons in the wild does restock only a little bit.

    For 1 DC, the most I'd probably go is 4-5k, if I can get it for around 2.5k, that'd be great!

    For 2DC, the most I'd probably go is 8-10k, I'd do 7.5k, but if I can get those bones for around 5k, that'd be great.

    In order to keep my prices fresh and low, I'm looking to get those bones at those prices that I'm looking for. If anyone has an extra DC of Bones on their hands, give me a shout on this thread! :)
  2. I could provide a DC or 2
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  3. What's the price you'd do?
  4. I'll do 1 DC for 5,000r or 2 DC for 9,500r