Buying 1 Item 900k Rupees

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  1. nuuu I was gonna say 1 diamond :3 lol
  2. Paid.
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  3. what just happened... :O 900k for a melon slice :p
  4. Lol :D
    Congrats Nick for selling this delicious melon :)
  5. This is a good thing.
  6. Btw you wanna buy more melons :rolleyes:
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  7. I only have 3.7k left lol, yours if you want it.
  8. My only question:
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  9. Wow, Nick again is the luckiest melon alive!
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  10. Damn.. 44 minutes late.

    I haven't had internet for 2 hours -.-
  11. Quiting, figured I'd make someones day. :)
  12. Sad to see you go....I had fun talking with you! Wishing you happiness and good fortune wherever you go!
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  13. Thanks, you were always such a pleasure to chat with. :)