[Buying] 1 DC of diamonds

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  1. I would like to buy 1 DC of diamonds for 250k (a little more than 72r per diamond) or 4500r per stack (a little more than 70r per diamond)

    PM me on the site or in game if you want to sell me some or comment down below. :D
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  2. Will you buy diamond ore for more?
  3. I will buy it per stack for 12.5k
  4. Ok.
  5. I have like 1/6 of a DC of diamonds lol. So like about 9 stacks. If you wanna buy that, but you'd have to wait til I get back from camping :p so like this weekend. I was working on getting a DC to auction but idk if anyone would bid :p
  6. I have just over a SC. The only problem is that I fried my PC screen
  7. When you can get on I'll buy it for 125k (same pricing as a DC)

    I can buy that for 4.5k per stack :p
  8. Ok?
  9. Sorry about that
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  10. I can try to mine up some diamonds, maybe a stack or so. But I do know that my friend MinecraftMDR has around 9 stacks of diamonds, maybe even more, so I will tell him about this.
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  11. Thank you good sir.