[BUYING] 1 DC of Coal

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm seeking 1 DC of Coal to buy, I'm willing to pay anywhere between 500-5000r for this DC. The reason I need this coal is to keep the smelting bit of the Wooden Fortress operational. If anyone knows a shop who sells this, please refer me to it here. I am willing to buy a SC of coal as well, but I'm willing to pay 250-2500r.

    If anyone has this DC, and is willing to put a price on it for me. Please post here! Thank you.
  2. Could you use lava from the nether instead? Or maybe blaze rods?
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  3. Lava will definitely be a lot cheaper. My res is regularly stocked with it at /v 911 (39r/bucket). I also have coal but not a DC worth. You can try any of these other shops too:


    You can also try your luck with a buy chest by the stack. Many people who don't have a DC worth can sell to you then.
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