[Buying] 1.7 Enchanting Bottle Villager

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  1. Hello EMC Community!

    I'm looking for a 1.7 cleric villager that gives 3-4 xp bottles for one emerald. I would be willing to pay 200-300k. Please message me (not post on this thread) if you are willing to sell me one.
  2. The trades from 1.7 villagers lock almost immediately and are broken forever. Wouldn't want you to waste your money. ;p
    ...Unless someone knows something I don't...
  3. Oh, really? I know flareon's on smp8 seems to unlock normally as a 1.8 villager would. I'll definitely double check that though, Thanks Evil! :D
  4. I can confirm that my 1.7 villagers all lock and unlock as normal.
  5. Are you looking to purchase access or somehow take the villager? Is there a way to transfer ownership of a villager?
  6. Thanks for confirming jesuspower :)
  7. Yes, I would either buy the res and use the changeowner command for res's. (gotta love it :) ) or, I could have SS move the villager to my res, possibly cross-server. (I have to make sure they do that)
  8. Bump! Still looking
  9. Don't think they can move them cross-server but they definitely can move it for ya. (At least according to the wiki)
  10. Bump! I am still looking :p
  11. Just a note, I asked about having this done and it can only be moved if the res belongs to the same owner. I wanted to move one from my alts res to mine and it would only teleport back to my alts res.
  12. If you're interested I have one to sell perms to on smp7. The villager trades 3 per emerald and has trades that can refresh it cheaply..
    BUT my asking price to use said villager is a bit more than what you're willing to pay. If you're still interested let me know and we can talk. :)
  13. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in perms. This is mainly because FlareonInAction already has a free cleric 1.7 villager with great trades. What I'm looking for, is one of my own. (I also just got perm derelict protection) I'm only willing to buy if I get to put the villager on my res.

    P.S. Sorry for the ninja edit :p
  14. I thought comments above said that's not possible? Do you live on smp7? If you want to purchase the whole res and move the villager also willing to do that..
  15. That would be the idea, Sam xD You would give the res to me, using /changeowner, until the villager is moved (of course you'll have admin while the res is mine) then I'll give it back as soon as the villager is moved.
  16. Still confused, so the only way this will work is if you live on 7? Do you?
    And I'm not selling the res permanently, only until villager is moved?
  17. Can't sell perms btw
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  18. So, I live on smp1, but we can get the villager moved cross-server and using this, I you would /changeowner the res to me while the villager is getting moved. The villager would then get moved to smp1. At this point I would /changeowner the res back to you, and we're done. I pay you for the villager and /changeowner cost.