[BUY]XP (skelton) grinder

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  1. Hey guys i will pay 1000r for one skeleton xp grinder :)
    Server: smp1 or smp9
    No more than 1000 blocks away from any outpost.
  2. As far as i know selling co-ords for spawners is against the rules
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  3. um fyi if its only 1000 blocks away it is most likely to get griefed.

    Also spawners have sold for over 5k in auctions.. Someone might offer you one in a PM but it might be a slim chance
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  4. maybe
  5. Yes, selling XP grinders is against the EMC rules at this time.
  6. but can i create my own?
  7. Yes.
    However: if you wish for someone to sell you co-ords of a mod spawner (naturally genned cage things) then this isn't allowed. What is allowed is for you to find a mob spawner yourself and pay someone to turn it into an XP grinder for you.
  8. thank you :p
  9. Click my signature for information about my grinder service. :)