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  1. For some reason if i put on a sign [SLOT 27] to buy from, people can still buy from slot one which is really annoying, not sure if something is wrong or im just being stupid, can someone help please ^^
    e.g if i write

    B 40000
    [SLOT 27]

    then the person who buys the item buys from my sell slot which is slot 1 :/
  2. Slot signs use the slot number to determine which type of item to sell, but not to restrict the item to only being sold from that specific slot. So if there's a Cupid's Bow, say, in slot 27 then it will sell a Cupid's Bow, but it won't necessarily be the one in slot 27. In fact the sign intentionally sells from other slots before it sells from the specified slot in order to ensure that it can continue using the specified slot to identify which type of item it should sell until the last of that item type is sold (see the slot sign wiki entry).

    If you're buying and selling the same item with the same chest then you'll probably want to use the same slot number for both signs (or use one sign, if you can fit both prices on it), otherwise your B-sign might inadvertently sell your S-sign's identifying item.
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  3. The way i have set my chests up is that slot one has my sell shop linked to it, but ive made sire slot 27 and 37 are open so if people sell the item to me, its automatically placed into the buy slots.. But when you buy from slot 27 it seems tombe buying from slot 1 instead which is incredibly frustrating
  4. The logic runs with the listed slot tried last. Otherwise goes in order starting at slot 1.
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  5. Like I said, it will sell the item from other slots before it sells it from the specified slot. That's by design so the sign doesn't "forget" what item it's selling. If you want it to sell from slot 1 last then put [slot 1] on the B-sign.

    Unfortunately it will still eventually sell the slot 1 item, but at least it'll happen less frequently. (There's currently a suggestion for being able to prevent selling from the specified slot at all).
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