[BUY/SELL] The Redstone Zone

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  1. Hello, citizens of EMC!

    I've created a new shop on SMP1 dedicated to everything redstone. It's on SMP1 at res 2585. Right now, I need you guys to:

    • Sell me your spare redstone-related items! If you sell enough, you can bring the shop's buy prices down!

    • Spread the word! If you liked my shop, be sure to tell your friends and direct anyone who asks who sells one of my things here!
    Some pics of the shop...

    Screwing around with FOV...

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  2. this is epic.
  3. I'm selling glowstone for 19r - smp9, 19000 - which may help?
  4. I probably could use a few more blocks of that for that dark corner... I'll stop by.

    In other news, I brought back a lot of redstone from the Last Light Outpost, so that's in stock again.
  5. I was actually thinking, for redstone lamps... to make 'em cheaper.
  6. Oh! I see! Then I'll be by for sure, to get dust AND light up my shop. And my Delta IV Heavy build...