[Buy/Sell] The Iron Pyramid

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  1. Hey all!

    Today, I present to you my newest creation within the empire! I want to welcome you to the Iron Pyramid Store!

    What Is the Iron Pyramid?
    The Iron Pyramid is exactly what it is called. It's a GIANT Iron Pyramid (the only one in SMP7) with a giant store inside! This will be SMP7's current LARGEST Megamall, and also the most well stocked. Since SMP7 is a non-store server basically, the prices are going to be as low as I can get them to be fair to the server and keep the economy as it is. The Iron Pyramid is made from 32,400 Iron Ingots, costing a total of 129,600 Rupees to create.

    What can I find there?
    You'll be able to find ALOT of items at the Iron Pyramid. We're also working on expanding the store, since we own all 4 residences in a square! We will specialize in Gems, Ingots, Building supplies such as stones and wood, we will also have utilitical items, wool, dyes, spawn eggs and more!

    What Residence Can I find this on?
    This will be on SMP7. Residence 14263.

    The Iron Pyramid is currently looking for suppliers. You can open a Private Message conversation with Drogba921 to get you connected as a supplier. We will be able to negotiate prices to best suit you, and you'll have your own selling room just for your items as a special supplier of the store. You can also recieve bonuses for supplying!

    NOTE: The Iron Pyramid is currently being redecorated. The store has been temporarily closed and will reopen before Thursday. Thanks for your patience!
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