Buy/Sell Everything With Bulk Exchanges /v 405

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  1. Goals For Suppliers:
    • Includes All Widely Demanded Items
    • Lots Of Room To Sell Items
    • Better Return Than Market Value + Selling Time
    Goals For Customers:
    • Always Find What You Need
    • Products Kept In Stock During High Demand
    • Decent/Low Prices During Normal Demand
    How We Meet These Goals:
    • Exchange provides dynamic pricing, matching supply/demand to give a fair price.
    • Bulk buy/sell to allow for faster buying and selling.
    • Store is all on one level for higher visibility.
    • Each product features a visible display.
    • Buying/selling teleportation to minimize travel time.
    Additional Features Offered:
    • Targeted advertising. If you own a shop, you can advertise with a teleporter to your shop, in the very room where customers who are interested in buying that product will visit. Proceeds are used to expand the shop and offer more products.
    • Public crafting tables. In every corner, and near the spawn.
    • Public enchantment table. Up to level 30. Coming soon. (Being relocated.)
    • Secure private storage chest. Handy if your home is on another server, and you need a place to stash valuables or supplies. I do not give container rights to anyone else.
    • Hotel. Each room features a view from near the top of the map, a double chest of storage, a private oven, a private crafting table, a bed, and skydiving. Only 9 rooms left.
    If you have any suggestions or feedback, please post them below.
  2. Or you could just rule the economy...
  3. I wouldn't mind the return of the Azoundrian Reign.