Buy/Sell Enchanted Pickaxes!

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  1. Marketplace 9, at 19002 on SMP9, is pleased to announce the opening of its up to date enchanted diamond pickaxe section.

    We all know, in the back of our minds, that enchanted items are very overpriced. Even on my inefficient double cave spider grinder, it only takes 15 minutes to get to Level 30, so enchantments are easy to get now. Marketplace 9 sells single and double enchantments through chest shops. It would also sell triple enchantments (eg Fortune, Efficiency AND Unbreaking), but the chest shop system does not allow this at present.

    To make enchanted pickaxes more accessible to all (which is very noble of me, if I do say so myself).
    To make rupees.

    The key is the price. The prices are suitably cheap for the post-1.3 economy, and range from 140r to 850r (Silk Touch with Unbreaking III) per pick.

    As these prices are a bit off the metaphorical beaten track, it may be necessary to change them in the future to keep up with supply and demand, especially over the next few days.

    You can sell picks to Marketplace 9 too! I buy picks from you at 90% of the price that I'd sell the pick to you for.

    Marketplace 9 has chest-shops set up for every possible single and double enchanted diamond pickaxe. This ensures that whichever enchantment you get (apart from triple enchantments), you can sell it!

    In fact, we trade in so many picks that you could say that Marketplace 9 is bringing poly-picks back to the people!

    ...and some screenshots:

    Ench Signs.png Shop Outside.png Shop Overview.png
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  2. I'll check it out,I'll also stalk you for your double cave spider :)
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  3. Just a practical point... if you want to sell a pickaxe to me, it has to be an unused one or the chest shop will reject it.
  4. +1

    It has many chests with many enchantments and cheap!!!!

    I'm not sure of its stock but it has some.
  5. Haha, I agree that stock isn't ideal yet, but there's still quite a few around. Hopefully, stock should improve as time goes on..
  6. I can supply and encahnt some free things for you if you need it. :)
  7. Yeah, I enchant ton's of items so I can start focusing on picks and stock up your trading store. :)