BUY NOW! enchanted diamond pick ax fortune I for 375rupees

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  1. sold by zbalda97 on smp4, address: 8917

    Description: this is a unused enchanted diamond pick ax with fortune I that cost 375r

    Rules: this is a buy now product not a auction!
    to buy this item you need to type "I [name] will buy this item for 375rupees"
    once the item is bought i will set up a drop box for the buyer to pick it up in.

    Fortune I: fortune is an enchantment that will allow you to some times get more of the item that u mine. for example, if you go to mine one diamond with this pick ax you might end up getting 2 or 3 diamonds from that one diamond!!!:)

    cheating can result in banning for all players! so play fair.
  2. I Michael123m will buy this item for 275 rupees
  3. ill sell it for 300r at the least because i had a original price of 375. let me know
  4. ok come to smp4 address 8917 to collect your item im on now
  5. i have a efficiency I ill sell for 200 right now
  6. i got off. ill be on tomorrow in the after noon if you want the diamond pic eff I for 200r