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  1. Hey everyone

    Im selling a diamond unused silk touch pick and its a buy now opportunity first one to post "i want it well they can have it but it will cost you 10K and you will need to come to my res 13394 and you can give me the money and ill give you the pick =)

    10k just remember
  2. Is it just silk touch or does it have something else.
  3. just silk touch
  4. i will be on later and if anyone wants it first one and then ill tell you when i get back on
  5. ok because there is a lack of veiws i will change it to 8k
  6. i will buy it
  7. congrats apamment have fun with the pick =)
  8. you coulda got a way better deal on the silk I,effIII,unbreakingIII i sold for only 12k.
  9. or i could have just been patient and kept the next one i enchant. looks like the market is finally becoming saturated with silk touch picks.
  10. Lol 10k.
  11. ?
  12. Too much.
  13. it was 8k not 10k alex
  14. To be honest I thought I got a pretty good deal. I always sell my silk touch I picks (without unbreaking) in my shop for 10k and they're always gone the same day i put them in. Seems like they've been going for less at auctions lately, but this wasn't an auction and I expect a premium for an instant sale.
  15. well i wanted to get some more money because i havent had my shop open for a while but i think it was a good price
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