Buy Land In The Wild

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by FearlessWaffle, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. I think we should be able to buy land in the wild because I'm tired of getting griefed.
    What do you guys think of the idea?
  2. Not a good idea; if you don't want to get grieved use your res. Buying land in the wild will result in griefers buying all the land so others can't use it, and also it would make the wild like a second town, which we don't need.
  3. It would be cool I guess, but then many peeople would try to troll you by putting walls around it and it would get REALLY annoying.
  4. I can tell you this will never happen in EMC. Im sorry to say but getting griefed is one of the risks of building in the wild. You can prevent this a bit by going far out from spawn, or hiding your buildings from the live map ( by covering them with dirt, or trees or so).

    If you happen to have screenshots of the player(s) who griefed your build, pm a moderator about this.
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  5. That's why we have town. The wild is for adventuring and mining resources, there is always going to be an inherent risk factor in building there.
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  6. imo land is for resources, town is for building
  7. and if you want to live in the wild, travel 30-45 min in 0ne direction, and setup your place
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  8. go out 50k blocks and you won't get griefed.
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  9. I've got some nice land I'll sell you.
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  10. Me too! 10k per chunk
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  11. griefers dont often have money thats why they grief, because there too lazy to earn it
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  12. True, but some griefers are supporters, some even diamond. (you might know who I'm thinking about, lol)
  13. jlopez24:eek:
  14. lol i can still see it
    but yes evil jlopez
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  15. A lesson in greytext: don't be a fail and use something like 2a2a2a before you embarass yourself.
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  16. But using #2a2a2a would be too obvious.. :3
  17. Obvious? Not as obvious as what they've been doing, and much more obvious than this.
  18. Ahh, true.. you are right.. :) But this makes it so much easier to troll people and tell them that you are trolling them and then watch them rage.. xD
  19. I went out 112k blocks not sure i will ever get griefed
  20. only if the server wild resets, in which case we're all griefed
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