[BUY IT NOW] 10 stacks of diamond

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  1. For sale at 44r each are 10 stacks of diamond. Or 28,160 in total. Aquired during an unfortunate incident involving a sell sign....no more said. Any offers will be greeted with warmness and love :)
  2. I'll buy them :)
  3. Maybe you should be a nice person and give them back instead of stealing them?
  4. What do u mean, I created the sell sign!
  5. And got sold 10 stacks as a result
  6. Sorry, I missread, Someone sold 10 stacks to you?
  7. Yep, probably more than 1 person
  8. thats a lot to sell for 44 a pop...not much room for profit there...
  9. Ouch

    and double ouch.